January 25, 2016


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Calls for Papers

ICA 2018

The Communication Science and Biology Interest Group welcomes the submission of full papers, abstracts, extended abstracts, posters, elevator sessions, problem solving sessions and other innovative presentation formats on a broad range of topics crossing the traditional boundaries of interpersonal, organizational, technological, mediated and mass communication and their sub-areas. While the interest group is focused on work grounded in biological perspectives (theoretically or empirically), submissions may or may not include biological data. The most important criteria is that submissions provide a rationale, data, and follow a rigorous scientific approach as outlined in the interest group’s mission. Exclusively theoretical or methodical contributions are also invited, but can only be submitted as full papers.

Download the full call, complete with descriptions of each submission type, here.

The Annals of the International Communication Association

The Annals of the International Communication Association is now live. The first two issues have been published. You can access to them on the ICA website. The Annals is an outlet for literature reviews. The Annals is taking the place of Communication Yearbook and is publishing the same type of papers. Review papers can be up to 11,000 words. In addition, it publishes Review Essays & Topic Book Reviews. These are shorter essays (~6,000 words) that will be sent out for review. These can include critical essays that addresses issues pertinent to the discipline or the implications of communication research for larger issues. In addition, responses to papers that were previously published in the journal are encouraged. Finally, Topical Book Reviews are essays that should include a discussion of recently published books that focus on a central theme within the discipline. Thomas Jacobson’s essay on the public sphere and David Karpf’s essay on digital politics are excellent examples of Topical Book Reviews.

Please ask your libraries to subscribe to the Annals. The subscription provides access to the Annals, and includes electronic access to Volumes 6 to 40 of Communication Yearbook. This is the first time Yearbook has been made available online.

Job Calls

NB: To post your department’s job call, please contact the Digital Media Coordinator, Richard Huskey.