January 23, 2016

Member Labs


Communication Science & Biology Labs

These labs are active members of the Communication Science & Biology Interest Group. To have your lab added to the list, contact the Digital Media Coordinator, Richard Huskey. NB: Labs are listed in alphabetical order.

Augmented Cognition Lab
Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
Aalborg University
PI: Luis Emilio Bruni

Center for Communication Research
College of Media and Communication
Texas Tech University
PIs: Glenn Cummins, Erik P. Bucy & Paul Bolls

Cognition and Emotion Lab
College of Media and Communication
Texas Tech University
PI: Justin Keene

Cognition and Emotion Lab
School of Communication
Florida State University
PI: Russell B. Clayton

Cognitive Communication Science Lab
School of Communication
The Ohio State University
PI: Richard Huskey

Communication Neuroscience Lab
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Pennsylvania
PI: Emily Falk

Deptartment of Communication & Media Research
University of Freiburg/Université de Fribourg
PI: Andreas Fahr

Institute for Communication Research
The Media School
Indiana University
PI: Robert F. Potter

Media Neuroscience Lab
Department of Communication
University of California Santa Barbara
PI: René Weber

Neuroscience of Messages Lab
Department of Communication
College of Communication Arts & Sciences
Michigan State University
PIs: Ralf Schmaelzle; Allison Eden

Social and Media Neuroscience Lab
College of Communication Arts and Sciences
Michigan State University
PI: Dar Meshi

SoCom Lab
Departments of Communication Studies and Psychology
University of California Los Angeles
PI: Kerri L. Johnson